How Can Nurses Be Bully-Proof?

nurse bullying, nursing communicationSad as it may seem, it is not unusual for nurses to experience bullying in the workplace. It has become one of the issues that causes a lot of stress, adding onto an already stressful job.

Bullying is repetitive harassment from which the bully gets gratification. It is important to understand this and differentiate it from someone who is having a bad day and yells at you.

One of the important points that we have to remember is that the bully only has their interest at heart. Think about a school bully—nurses who bully their coworkers operate under the same principles. They want to prove how powerful they are but will not pick on someone who will defeat them.

These nurses usually make sure that they are on the boss’s good side so that if you report them, they can easily get away with this behavior. They also choose their victims carefully. It is usually someone they feel they can overpower, someone who appears defenseless to them. Someone they can easily put down.



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