How to Prevent Medication Errors in Nursing

medication errors in nursingLet us take a moment and look back at a time when we were neither nurses nor any other healthcare provider, and so did not worry about medication errors. That was a time when we only trusted three people with our health: a physician, nurse, and a pharmacist. A time when falling ill meant seeing the physician whom you trusted to give you the best care available.

Healthcare in the Past

If you had an illness, you would visit a physician. After running tests and diagnosing you with a specific illness, you are given a prescription that you cannot read because of the poor handwriting. Yet at the back of your mind, you are confident that the pharmacist will definitely understand the prescription. True to your expectations, the pharmacist reads the prescription and dispenses the medication.

A few days later, you realize your condition is getting worse. You decide to visit your physician again who runs some tests and realizes that you had taken an overdose of the prescribed medicine. It then happens that while the pharmacist was reading the prescription, he or she interpreted a 1.0mg dosage as a 10mg dosage.


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