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Unhealthy vs. Healthy Relationships: Power of Positive Thinking

Tell me who you spend your time with and I’ll tell you how you feel. What? No…really, I can and here’s why: We often take on the feelings, behaviors, and attitudes of those we spend the most time with. Such … Continue reading

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Beyond the Bedside: Risk Management in Nursing

In this week’s Beyond the Bedside, we are going to focus on the role nurses play in the area of risk management. Risk management is an area that nurses can specialize in. They have clinical skills to understand medical issues … Continue reading

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4 Healthy Sandwiches that Would Make Nurses Forget About PB&J

Eating a healthy lunch at work can be a challenge to nurses. Food offered in hospital cafeterias and restaurants can be loaded with calories and salt. With as much time and effort as it takes to decide what to order, … Continue reading

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List of Nurse License Compact States

What are the states participating in the nurse compact licensure? NurseTogether has confirmed that 24 states are part of the compact state nurse licensure (NLC). Nurse Compact State License A nurse with a permanent residency in a NLC state has … Continue reading

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Leadership Skills for Nurse Managers: Foster Collaboration

Nurse managers have contact with nearly every department in the hospital. They are the liaison between staff nurses and upper management. They must also coordinate activities having to do with clinical nursing practice, ethics, finance and budgeting, staffing models, patient … Continue reading

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You Are A Nurse And You Have the Right to Be Proud

I remember when I was a new nurse graduate, every day I went to work and the entire car ride I would pray “just don’t kill anyone.”  That was seriously my goal. I didn’t want to harm another person or let my … Continue reading

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5 Ways Nurses Can Stay Upbeat in a Stressful Work Environment

Meds to pass, IVs to hang, patient care to deliver, vitals to take, charting to do, meetings to attend – all in a nurse’s stressful day! Many hospitals around the country are hiring fewer nurses so current staff work longer … Continue reading

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