What Kind of Nursing Student Are You?

nursing schoolIn my experience, there are two types of nursing students—the ones who take responsibility for their learning and the ones who don’t.

I was supposed to do a guest lecture for a nursing school on the East Coast that made the decision to close when Sandy hit. Closing that evening meant that the next time the students would come to class, they would be taking their exam on the “missed” lecture content. Although they did have a lecture the week before, I put together a study guide to help them prepare for the exam. I was confident I did everything I could to help them succeed without compromising my integrity.

The night of the exam, I got a call from the program facilitator. I was shocked to learn that the majority of the students did poorly on the exam. Ugh. What to do? While we were discussing options, (decided to offer extra credit) my computer started dinging with email messages.

I received two different types of emails:

  1. BlamingWords like, “not our fault”, “not fair” or insinuations that they’ve never done poorly on an exam so it must be the teacher’s fault.
  2. Accepting“I’m angry at myself for doing so poorly”, “Is there anything I can do to improve my grades?”  They were taking full responsibility, not blaming the school, the teacher, the weather, the universe, global warming, etc.

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