The Dangers of Stilettos: Are They Worth The Risk for Bone Health?

bone health, nursing shoes“I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” — Marilyn Monroe.

Originally, high heels were not intended to be worn by women. In fact, they were notably inspired by a French royal and famous trendsetter, King Louis XIV of France, who passed a law stating that red high heel shoes could only be worn by those who were granted access to his court. This made it easier for 17th century society people to identify who was privileged and in favor with the King. Female nurses, specifically need to know the bone health risks of stilettos.

According to Elizabeth Semmelhack in the BBC article “Why did men stop wearing high heels?”, in 1630 women would cut their hair, add epaulettes to their outfits, smoke pipes, and wear hats that were very masculine. This is why women wore shoes with heels, to be more like men, which is why men quit wearing high heels. The rest is history.

Although many heels hurt like hell, women still wear them because they emphasize femininity and really do make them look good. While there are some positives to wearing heels, such as making legs look longer and the women appear taller and thinner, they also come with physical health hazards.

The Dangers

The disadvantages of wearing high heeled shoes is that it can cause the balls of the feet to gain an undistributed weight, thus causing calluses, stress fractures and bad knees.

Got the Balls?

When a woman is walking in heels she is mostly walking on the balls of her feet. The ball of the foot will feel the intense pressure and this pressure more than doubles with every inch in height of shoe heel. Ankle injuries are always a risk and the amount of injuries can expand from sprains to fractures, calluses, corns, and lumps can be formed on the feet because of high heels, particularly if the shoes are firm, tough or walked in for long periods. So, be careful in buying shoes, nurses.


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