Are Male Nurses Critical to Diversify and Strengthen the Profession?

male nursesThe word “nurse” has a long and deep cultural association with women. Now as more men enter the profession, American Sentinel University says the addition of more male nurses will benefit the patients they serve, their fellow nurses and the nursing profession, citing a recent report issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).


What one male nurse has to say

“Men are minorities in the nursing profession and it’s critical that we recruit more men into the nursing ranks to address the greater need for a more diverse nursing workforce,” says Christopher Kowal, DNP, MSN-MOL-Ed, BS, RN, CCRN-CMC-CSC, STTI-Chi Alpha Treasurer and adjunct professor of nursing at American Sentinel University. “It’s important that nursing diversification mirror what is happening in our population. Men provide unique perspectives and skills that are important to the profession and reflect the quality of care delivered.”


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One Response to Are Male Nurses Critical to Diversify and Strengthen the Profession?

  1. Musa S Danjuma says:

    looking at the reason that make male feel uncomfortable in nursing profession which was giving impression since from the beginning as women profession. yes I agree with all the fact and reason rise by other men. but still looking at this point if view which it affect me and some men that earnestly answer me when asked. the logo of nursing profession is a woman their, yes I am not saying that she did not deserved to be their, she deserved it but by meer seen that many men get discouraged that is a women profession, because the symbol or logo of Nightgale tell the world that is a women job. so if that can be change then nursing impression to the public and all the entire men will be change.

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