A Day in the Life of A Labor and Delivery Nurse

labor and delivery nurseOne of the most unfortunate things about being a nurse, especially a perinatal nurse, is that we cannot share our stories with others.  So much of what we do and see is beautiful and magical.  Part of our job is hilarious and gross, and another part is borderline unbearable and heartbreaking.  It is both exhilarating and exhausting all at once and we have no one to talk to but each other.  Unfortunately, we don’t usually talk to one other about the good or the bad, and when we do, it’s more like this: “pull up this strip from last night and tell me what you think.”  We can be very hard on each other as well as ourselves.

What we would really like to say

Some days I come home so excited and I want to tell someone every single cool, gross, and amazing thing I saw and did at work that day but because many people do not understand our nursing world, I end up saying the same things day after day. To my husband, “I worked hard today”, “It was a good day at work today”. My husband just doesn’t understand the world of OB.  He questions my nursing abilities when I tell him to take 600mg of Motrin (but the box says to take 200mg). In my head, I really want to say: “My job is so cool! I had the chance to befriend a woman in 5 minutes flat, she let me see her naked, I held her hair back when she vomited, and she practically listened to every single thing I said.”  “I fought for what she wanted, I was like a mom, best friend, lawyer, and a big sister all rolled into one!”

Nurses work with physicians, scrub techs, and certified nursing assistants to provide the best outcome for our patient and her baby.  We are all superheroes!

How a day as a labor and delivery nurse really goes

When someone asks me how my day was at work, I cannot elaborate on the following:

  • How awesome it was to watch a mom with 4 boys at home have her first daughter
  • How I say in my head “OMG” every time the baby’s head turns as it’s crowning

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