How Does Coffee Affect the Health of Nurses?

coffee and nurses“Do not speak to me until I have had my coffee!” How many times have we heard this exclamation from our nurse colleagues?

Coffee is an essential part of a nurse’s life, day or night and there are studies to prove it. In a 2006 online survey sponsored by Career Builder and Dunkin Donuts, nurses were identified as the number one consumer of coffee, follow by doctors and hotel employees. As a nurse, we are not surprised by such findings. We arrive on the job with coffee in hand.

The good news

Coffee is not all that bad for nurse’s health. I say “coffee” and not caffeine because it is still not clear what component/s of coffee provide the beneficial effects. In fact, decaffeinated coffee is also shown to have health benefits. We are well aware of the major active ingredient in a cup of coffee…caffeine.

The affects of caffeine

  • Caffeine is a known CNS stimulant that increases adrenalin and mental alertness. Coffee provides the mental jolt for which many of us crave our cup o’ Joe.
  • For people who do weight training we are well aware of the analgesic effects of caffeine for achy, tired muscles and of course its ergonomic qualities, which makes it a banned substance by several athletic organizations (NCAA,  IOC).


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