Nursing Scrubs That Fit With 5 Different Body Types

nursing scrubsWhile beaches slowly empty out and sun kissed swimmers bid a final farewell to the lazy days of summer, lockers across the country are being swung open with a fresh determination. Yes, school has officially begun! For the nursing student though, this doesn’t merely mean new beginnings, blank notebooks, and a neat book bag. It brings along a challenge of individuality and a challenge in mastering the ability to look good in nursing scrubs.

The rule of thumb when dressing for any situation, a casual lunch date, a day at work, or a dinner party, is to know your body. It may require a lesson in bravery, but you owe it to your body to park yourself in front of a full length mirror for just a few minutes and honestly assess what you see. Then embrace it, and work with it. When it comes to nursing scrubs in particular, the challenge is two-fold; finding nursing scrubs that complement your particular body shape, and complying with a strict code of dress. Below are tried and true tips and advice on which nursing scrub styles best bring out the beauty in each body type.

The V

True to its form, the V body shape boasts a larger bust, broad shoulders, and narrower hips. A bit imbalanced? Perhaps. A problem? Definitely not! Dark solids up top, coupled with brighter colors down below, effectively draw attention to your slender hips. Choose a great mock wrap or empire waist which flares just beneath the natural waist. The bottom, a straight, wide leg pant, and no one will think your body is anything less than perfectly streamlined. Styles to avoid? Anything that will exaggerate your width on top. So no frill sleeves, shirred necklines, shoulder pads, or boat necks. You’ve got an enviable narrow waist, so flaunt it!

The Pear

An upside down V if you may, the pear shaped frame has beautiful curves, although with excess weight at the hips and thighs. No worries, though. The key is to create balance between the upper and lower parts of your body, by drawing attention to the right areas. You want all eyes to move upwards, as that’s where you’re most narrow. This means bold patterns, bright colors, and even a hint of skin at the chest area. On the bottom, go for a fitted scrub pant. Not skinny; fitted. A straight, fitted pant in a conservative, dark color will discreetly hide the extra pounds and inches which stubbornly refuse to part ways with you.


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