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A nursing binder is a must-have item in surviving nursing school. It will help keep your notes organized since most professors now allow printing of their PowerPoint slides lectures. You can also use it to compile your syllabus, handouts and extra papers neatly. It will serve as a jam-packed binder for all of your nursing notes in school.

So how can you make an efficient nursing binder for your notes? Here is a step-by-step guide in making one for school:

Step 1 – Choose the Right Size of Binder

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Choosing between 1-2 inch or 3-4 inch binders is a tough decision. In selecting one for your different classes, consider your own convenience in carrying the binder around. Would you like to carry a big binder for all of your classes at school? Or would you prefer to use a separate binder for each class?

Most of the time, students find it convenient to use 1-2 inch binders so they can easily carry their notes around. If that’s the case, you can use two 1-2 inch binders for school; one for morning classes and another for afternoon classes.

Another logical option is to  use one binder for all of your classes.  You can make this work by only carrying around all the notes and material that you are currently using.  For all other papers that you “might” still need but don’t need everyday, you can store these in separate binders at home.

Step 2 – Choose a Binder with Customizable Front and Back Covers

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If you want to take your organizing skills up a notch, choose a binder with customizable front and back covers.  By having customizable covers, you can slip in a copy of your class schedule and class syllabus on the front and back sections of your binder.  This will keep you constantly reminded of your schedule and requirements at school.

Some binders also come with customizable spine sleeves which are great for organizing your growing collection of binders at home. Just create your own spine title and slip it down the spine sleeve to label the binder properly.

You can also opt to use these sections of your nursing binder to add a personal touch of creativeness.  You can create your own cover page so you can make your binder unique above the rest. Inspirational quotes and pictures, and maybe even a vision board, are recommended to keep you motivated in class.

Step 3 – Divide the Binder into Sections

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This is where your organizational skills will kick in. A binder’s purpose works once it is divided into different sections. So how many sections should you create?

Ideally, you should allot 3 separate sections aside from the sections of your classes. The first one is for your weekly schedule, the second one is for reminders and assignments and the third one is for loose leaf papers. Then you can add more sections depending on the number of your classes.  If you have five classes for this semester, add five more sections.

Use a separating color-coded folder to mark and label the sections you made.


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