health informatics degree for nurses

In a health IT world, the demand is high for both Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and the professionals who know how to use them following Health Insurance Exchange (HIE) standards.

Behind this alphabet soup of acronyms is a career field at the intersection where technology and communication meets healthcare: health informatics. What is so great about a health informatics degree, and why should you consider it if you’re contemplating a healthcare major?


What’s The Job Outlook in Health Informatics?

Health informatics is really a hybrid career field. The field brings together IT, communications, and healthcare principles and practices, all with the goal of securing patients’ safety and quality of care.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22 percent increase in health informatics specialist jobs through 2022 — making it one of the fastest-growing occupations in healthcare. The pay isn’t too shabby either; the median wage is about $34,160 for those with bachelor’s degrees, and about $69,000 for those who hold advanced degrees.

If you’ve got a mind for math and thrive on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, this field presents a great opportunity for you.

What Does Someone With a Health Informatics Degree Do?

Access to electronic health information is the tour de force of health care these days. Health informatics specialists work with healthcare professionals to make sense of healthcare technology and bring efficient EHR systems to medical care centers.

Health informatics specialists are problem solvers. Say it’s October and you know that cold sufferers are heading to their doctors en masse. As a health informatics specialist, you might be tasked with figuring out what the flu rate might be based on those doctors’ visits and what that rate might mean for hospital admissions.

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