10 Ultimate Tips for Nurses to Be Great Parents

10 Ultimate Tips for Nurses to Be Great ParentsEven though we need a license to do many things in life, there is no license required when it comes to nurses and children. Parenting today is far more difficult and very different than it was a generation ago. Many are still using outdated parenting skills and tools that simply do not work consistently. As a result, these parents experience frustration, stress and guilt on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there is an approach to parenting development that consistently makes effective, good parenting a reality. I call it “Ultimate Parenting”. This time-tested, child-proofed approach brings out your very best so you can bring out the best in your children!

Does “Good Parenting” in Nursing Really Exist?

Good parenting does exist but it is, unfortunately, not the norm. Normally, well-meaning parents struggle with their children’s common behavior problems using discipline techniques that deliver inconsistent results and fail to teach children how to learn from their mistakes. Many commonly used forms of discipline and punishment actually lead to more misbehavior and only teach children to not get caught next time.

Good parenting is about bringing out the very best in your children using techniques that teach them respect, responsibility and compassion. Start following these top 10 parenting tips for nurses and you will actually motivate your children to want to be well-behaved!

  1. If you love your kids-put yourself first. Far too many children are living with parents who are unhappy, frazzled and stressed out. Children flourish when they are raised in a home with happy, balanced parents. The best way to give more to your children is by giving more to yourself: by doing this, you can become a valuable role model for them of a happy, healthy adult.Giving more to you also means you’ll be able to give more to your family. “But I don’t have time!” I hear many parents say. We all have 24 hours in a day, and we all need to make wise choices that put the main priorities in our life first. If we are repeatedly burning the midnight oil, we may be on the brink of burnout, not a pleasant event for you or your family. Nurses are especially vulnerable to fatigue so it is crucial to find ways to reduce your stress and find some “me time”.
  2. If you are married, put your marriage before your kids. Most of us have heard of Generation X and Generation Y. But did you realize that Generation S-Generation Spoiled-is on the rise? Many children today are raised with an unhealthy sense of entitlement because their family has made them the center of the universe. And with divorce statistics still hovering at 50%, children are far too often coping with unhappy, failing marriages.A key to good parenting is to have a happy marriage in which your children can thrive-a partnership which they can use as a model for their future relationships. Take a stand and put some time into your marriage-for your family’s sake.
  3. Cherish your children. No matter what your situation, no matter how often your children drive you crazy, know there are thousands of parents in this world who would gladly trade places with you in a heartbeat. There are women who would give anything to have a child. Strive to remember how truly fortunate you are. Hug your children at least three times a day. Tell them often how grateful you are to have the opportunity to be their parent and to become a better mother or father for it.

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