Tired, Nurses? Try These 5 Energy Boosting Tips

Tired, Nurses? Try These 5 Energy Boosting TipsA nurse’s life can be incredibly busy – so busy that it feels like you are in a race most of the day and can’t slow down. By the end of the day, it can feel as if you are dragging your feet across the finish line.

Nurses often expect their body to run like a Ferrari while only giving it half gasoline and half water. Consider your body a top machine that needs top fuel to keep it running smoothly throughout the day, so that you not only make it through the day, but you finish feeling strong.

Stick with these five tips for fueling your sports car. You will feel more energy throughout the day and until the very end.

  1. Stay away from sugar. Sugar causes your body to experience quick energy, but that energy will quickly crash and you will feel less energy than before. Resist those donuts and cupcakes at work and bring a healthy snack alternative instead.

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