4 Toxic Habits of a Nurse that Drains Their Energy

Most nurses know that working in healthcare can be rewarding and it can also be dangerous to your health at the same time unless you take charge and avoid the toxic decisions that will drain your energy. Here are 4 toxic habits that can make nursing the job from hell rather than the job you love.

The 4th most toxic habit that nurses engage in is drinking more coffee than water. 

Most nurses want more energy and think that caffeine is the only source of energy. Your body is an energy generating machine. That is what it does all day (and night) long. Your body naturally creates the energy for every cell to function. It does this with certain raw ingredients – caffeine is not one of them. Water is; it is an essential nutrient. Without it you cannot detox, lubricate your joints, metabolize fats, or energize your brain and muscles. Drink more water!

The 3th most toxic habit nurses engage in is to short change their sleep in the name of getting more done.

Working shifts requires you give your sleep habits extra attention. If you only had to shift from one night shift very occasionally that is one thing. Most nurses shift due to overtime, family obligations, extra money, school, and trying to get the beloved long stretch without using any paid time. Compromising sleep will compromise the quality of your life as you lose the ability to adapt due to chronic fatigue. Get your 8-9 hours. Use natural ways to relax versus sleeping pills, drink more water versus caffeine, and regularly use stress relief methods.


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