10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse

here are lots of nurses in my family, including my mother, who has been a nursery nurse for almost 40 years. So I know a thing or two about being raised by a nurse…

  1. You have to be bleeding to death or unconscious to go to the emergency room.

    When my dad started complaining of chest pain in the middle of the night and said he wanted to go to the ER, my mom warned him that it better not be his gallbladder. Halfway to the ER, she made him go back home so she could get her scrubs… you know, ’cause she worked the next day :/

    Needless to say, it was not his gallbladder. You guessed it, he was having a heart attack. I’m so glad he’s still around to not let her live that one down. Oh, and she didn’t notify any of her kids until the next morning, because “he didn’t die,” so she didn’t want to wake us up. I found out from a coworker who called me and said she was praying for our family!

  2. Dinner conversations are graphic.

    Think your day was bad?!? Asking a nurse about their day prompts a story that is borderline perverse and grotesque. Hands down, their day was worse. Trust me. And anyone who has ever eaten with a nurse knows that eventually the weirdest, grossest, craziest, and best parts of their day will be retold.

  3. You have a healthy fear of coming within a 15-foot radius of them when they get home from work.

    You stay away until they strip down and bathe in 103 degree water. It’s weird how they rarely get sick or worry about catching whatever their patient is trying to dish out, but they are very concerned about passing anything to you. 

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