9 Nootropics to Keep a Nursing Student’s Brain Sharp

If you have ever been pushed to reach a deadline in nursing school or have ever had to cram an entire semester worth’s curriculum overnight, you have probably heard of drugs that use the benefits of a chemical known as amphetamines.

These drugs have a very specific domain of action and should always be used under the guidance of a physician. The flipside is that, if these drugs are used by someone with no such ailment, it transforms to function as a super-drug that can amp up your mental performance by manifolds. No boon comes without a bane, and amphetamines are no exception to this rule.

Unless you want to gamble with possibly fatal side effects of amphetamine, Nootropics are the way to go. Not only are they safer, but most products allow a specific effect which is time bound and therefore do not cause dependence (this varies from person to person, and the consultation of a physician is recommended).


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