Nurse Bullying: Overt vs. Covert Behavior

Nurse-Bullying-The-Difference-Between-Overt-and-Covert-BehaviorNurse bullying is a problem. Bullying is destructive, pervasive and doesnít belong in a profession dedicated to caring and compassion. Seventy-three percent of all nurses report being the target of or at least witnessing bullying behavior in the workplace. Sixty percent of all new nurses quit their first job within the first six months due to the bullying behavior of their co-workers.
We are hemorrhaging good nurses from the profession due to this issue.

Nurses can be so caring and compassionate to their patients but they can be horrific to each other.

Because bullying is receiving a lot of attention in the media, we have the tendency to call all bad behavior bullying. However, not everything is bullying. Sometimes, people are just being too direct, disrespectful and unprofessional or perhaps they are just having a bad day. Read more about the difference between bullying and everything else here.


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