5 Ways to Avoid Becoming “That Nurse”

Don’t pass by a call-light that’s on.
that nurse - 1
This is so annoying. The patient could be on the floor! All you have to do is stick your head in to make sure the patient is not in distress, turn off the call light, and let the patient know their nurse will be with them in a few minutes.

It takes all of five seconds, and you don’t actually have to address their need (but feel free to!). The patient will feel better knowing that someone knows they need something, and their nurse will be grateful that the light isn’t flashing and beeping for her to hurry up.

Don’t do drugs.
This should go without saying, but just don’t do drugs. It’s not worth it. Because before you know it, you’ll be stealing your patient’s medication or trying to find ways to steal it from the medication room. You will not be able to play it off.

Everyone will know and everyone.will.talk.about.it. You’ll be lucky to just lose your job, because we all know you could lose your license.

Don’t be the late arriver.
that nurse - 3


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