A Nurse Accidentally Snips Off Baby’s Toe – End the Blame Game

When the Foley Was Stretched at one point in my career, a patient underwent a cystoscopy to remove a foley catheter. Yes, we were told NEVER to cut the balloon, but I also wasn’t told what could happen if the foley was stretched over 4 feet because the patient became disoriented and climbed out of an oscillating bed in the up position.

I turned my back and when I turned around again, the patient was not in the bed. I could not get to the switch and all I thought about was the pressure on his bladder and damage that may occur.

It was not my finest moment. While I was ready to hang up my stethoscope, the physician who had to come and do the procedure told me that, “these things happen and there will be mistakes.” I could not believe it. How can he admit that, “we are supposed to be perfect!”


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