10 Tips for Nursing Students to Practice Speaking with Confidence

10-Tips-for-Nursing-Students-to-Practice-Speaking-with-ConfidenceSometimes being in nursing school can be like leading a double life. One foot is bravely stepping into the medical world, while the other foot still very much relies on its foundation of the common knowledge of laypeople to keep balanced.

This unbalance continues until the experienced nurse is able to gracefully cross the divide and plant both feet firmly onto fresh territory. In the meantime, the nursing student must be able to navigate this foreign language of using Latin terminology and industry vernacular to more accurately describe a patients’ state to the rest of the health care team.

Here are some strategies that will help you..


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The International Nurses Association was founded on the idea that professional achievement is deserving of recognition, exposure and reward. As a meeting place for the top minds in nursing, INA offers unlimited opportunities to further your success and embrace your role as a vital member of the medical community. INA is the fastest growing network of nurses from around the globe and takes pride in delivering its members the platform and competitive edge needed to survive in this ever-changing and complex environment. Visit www.inanurse.com
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