Holistic ways to beat joint pain


As a nurse, you want to feel your best so that you can devote your working days to taking care of your patients — not yourself. If the thought of taking prescribed pain medication for minor joint pain doesn’t appeal to you, consider looking into holistic therapies.

There are natural methods for nurses to combat pain with few side effects. Many of these therapies have the added benefit of contributing to your overall well-being. Here are five holistic therapies you may want to explore:

Food, Supplements, Herbs
Good nutrition is actually the simplest of all holistic therapies. You know that if you eat poorly, you won’t feel well and your joints will likely suffer. One general rule of thumb when you have joint pain is to avoid foods that are highly acidic, because they throw your body’s pH level off balance which exacerbates joint pain. Highly acidic foods that you should avoid or cut down on include red meat, bread, sugar, pastries, pickles, fruit juice, beer, and wine.


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